About Raquel Jordan

It was in 2002, while studying musical theatre in NYC, that the revolutionary seedlings of Yoga where first planted for Raquel. Every week her vocal coach would have her drop into cat/ cow while warming up her voice. She would say, “accessing the deeper dimensions of the body was the key to unlocking the voice inside”. This was only the beginning.

Since then, she has gone on to explore many lineages and manifestations from the Yogic tradition. Living in New York and California has given her the opportunity to study and work with some of the world’s leading Yoga teachers. Meditation is a daily practice and an indispensable factor to the quality of her life. She has gone on to specialize in “Trauma Informed Yoga”, collaborating with; New Earth, a non- profit that works to rehabilitate system involved youth of Los Angeles. She has also had the opportunity to work with psychologists and therapists as the leading yoga teacher for a residential treatment center, geared towards helping women recover from traumatic events. Through out this work she comes to realize the validity and relevancy of this practice for every human being that will ever live. “ At some point you will experience; loss, adversity and change. All of which, can induce high levels of stress. This is a part of the human experience we cannot erase. What we can do is learn how to: dance, sing, show up, respond and discover; what of us stays when everything else crumbles?” 

Raquel’s exploratory nature has her cross pollinating varying disciplines to provide a dynamic and nurturing environment for growth, connection, creativity and resilience. 


Listen to an interview on my journey to becoming a yoga teacher and not getting stuck in spiritual bypass.