With one on one sessions you have my undivided attention. We will go over your goals, challenges, and address your concerns. I will come up with a custom tailored program to support your lifestyle, introducing exercises that deepen the connection you have to your own body. We will also weave mindfulness into the practice so that you are better equipped to handle the stresses and challenges of every day life. I want you to experience the benefits of this practice, not only on the physical level, but also, in your relationships.

This program was created to help you live your best life! Every aspect of your life will be illuminated; career, family, personal etc. The program will continue to shape shift as you continue to grow and I typically provide homework for my clients that will amplify their capacity to discover their inherent potential.

I am results driven. So the work can speak for itself. It’s not always easy and it will take a level of grit, discipline and tenacity. But, you will be stronger, brighter and more confident for it! If you are ready to see what this collaboration can do for your life, contact me below so we can set up a 15 minute consultation call. The time is NOW.


“Your mind is very powerful. It has the ability to destroy and it has the ability to create. With great power comes great responsibility. Won’t you join me on this courageous journey to harness the inherent power you posses?” - Raquel